The Atlantic: Can an unloved child learn to love?

The Atlantic takes a deep dive into Izidor Ruckel's story of surviving a horrific Romanian orphanage. Presenting comprehensive analysis of institutionalized children from experts, the almost 9,000-word story is the most in-depth look to date of what he and tens of thousands of Romanian orphans endured under Nicolae Ceaușescu's Communist regime.

Read The Atlantic article here.

3 thoughts on “The Atlantic: Can an unloved child learn to love?

    1. Hi Samantha! Izidor’s autobiography, Abandoned for Life, may be purchased on this website. Click the “shop” button and you will see it. Thank you.

  1. Wow. This article about Izidor’s Ruckel’s life is such an unbelievable story. I really admire his commitment to tell the world about what really happened to Romanian children in these institutions during this era and how hard it has been for other Romanian’s like him to adapt to living in a western society. Thank you Izidor for your bravery, I am going to share this story with others as I believe that it will help us better understand Romania’s complicated past and keep us advocating for immigrant children in the United States who are currently being detained by the current adminstration and for all the children who are cruely institutionalized throughout the world. I believe this should be required reading for summer 2020 and beyond and I will share your story and I am inspired to educate myself about Romania.Thank You.

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