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Hungarian newspaper article

BAMA Mediaworks: Budapest, Hungary

Izidor Ruckel is interviewed regarding a report by the Romanian Prosecutor’s Office on the Crime of Communism (IICCMER), which documents the era’s lack of care for orphans. (Story archived.)

Izidor interviewed in BBC video

BBC News: London, United Kingdom

The Brixton Broadcasting Corporation (BBC News) interviewed Izidor Ruckel about growing up in a Romanian orphanage. View the story on BBC News. (4 minutes) Listen to the BBC Radio interview. (11 minutes)

BBC radio coverage of Izidor

BBC Radio: London, United Kingdom

BBC Radio in-depth interview with Izidor Ruckel on Mar. 28, 2016 about institutionalized life in Communist Romania. Listen to the BBC Radio interview. (11 minutes) View the BBC News story. (4 minutes)