Izidor Story, LLC

Our mission

Izidor Story, LLC promotes the true story of Izidor Ruckel for the purpose of advocating for vulnerable children worldwide.

By turning Izidor’s life story into a short film and limited series, both entitled IZIDOR, we hope to influence and encourage a global conversation about orphans. The short film is a wake-up call for our generation about the ongoing needs of orphans worldwide. The limited series reveals the true nature of orphanage life, the real-life complexity of adoption, and how everyday people can change the future for these at-risk children.

We foster partnerships with organizations and individuals who care about the human rights issues orphans face in order to utilize Izidor’s story to educate and inspire millions around the world to treat all children with dignity.

Our vision

  • Imagine a world without orphanages.

  • Imagine a world where countries are respected for how they treat their most vulnerable citizens, their children.

  • Imagine a world where families are waiting for children, instead of children waiting for families.

  • Imagine a world where foster and adoptive parents have the tools they need to understand trauma, develop appropriate expectations, and truly help their children heal.

  • Imagine a world where struggling parents are supported by society so families can remain intact, preventing child abandonment.

  • Imagine a world where cinema and television don’t use the cute or evil orphan trope to parade unrealistic and harmful images of traumatized children, just to make a buck.

Izidor Story, LLC is a limited liability company registered in Phoenix, Arizona.