Izidor Ruckel

Izidor RuckelI am appalled at the number of children who remain in abusive and inhumane institutions around the world, forgotten and voiceless. I spent the first 11 years of my life in such a place, and can tell you it is a cruel solution for “unwanted” children. Through my own survival, as well as that of my former-orphan friends, I have seen how the stability and love of a family can change a child from hopeless and wild into a healed and a compassionate human being.

Many years ago, through God’s intervention, some courageous people spoke up on my behalf, gave me an opportunity outside the walls of my orphanage, and changed my life forever. Now, I am called to be a voice for those left behind.

Will you join me? Together we can find the answers to bring hope and dignity to the children still suffering.

Izidor joins the staff at Love Light Romania

Breaking News: Izidor Ruckel moves to Romania

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA>> In a Bucharest apartment last week, Izidor Ruckel was packing to return to the United States when his phone buzzed. “Hi Izidor, sorry do not want to disturb you, I know you are busy,” said the text message. “But I really would like to talk with you about something…” The next sentence stunned … Read More

Abandoned for Life book

Abandoned for Life

Izidor's autobiography chronicles his first 11 years of life spent living in a horrific Romanian orphanage, his adoption by an American family, and how he found healing from his childhood trauma. LEARN MORE


Given Our Chance video

Given Our Chance

A documentary film about international adoption and Romanian orphans. Produced by Izidor Ruckel and Director/Producer Alex King. LEARN MORE

$20.00 + shipping

Izidor speaking to a group of youth and adults


Izidor is a sought after speaker, utilizing his life story to educate and encourage audiences to participate in orphan care. Book Izidor for your next orphan advocacy event. LEARN MORE

Izidor first time on a computer

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